Skillful Indiana Law Firm Guides Clients in Estate Planning

Valparaiso attorney prepares documents and provides sound legal advice

Estate planning can seem confusing and complex, but a skilled attorney can ease the process for you. At Crossin Law Offices, LLC in Valparaiso, I have extensive experience helping clients put wills and trusts in place that help ensure their assets are distributed according to their intentions and that surviving loved ones are protected. I also guide people through the process of setting up documents that allow them to designate trusted surrogates to make healthcare and financial decisions in the case of incapacity. You can rely on my firm to provide sensitive and knowledgeable assistance with all your estate planning and elder law concerns.

Well-qualified lawyer draws up wills and trusts that stand up to challenges

A will ensures that your assets go to the people and institutions want to receive them. If you don’t have a will in place, the state will decide who gets your assets based on intestate succession laws. My firm can explain how certain assets, such as those in trusts, jointly owned bank accounts and investments with designated beneficiaries, are not passed through the probate process. From there, my firm can draw up a sound will and structure trusts that suit your needs. I also provide trust administration services as well as guiding trust administrators.

Efficient counselor assists with living wills and advance directives

With a living will and an advance directive, you can outline the type of medical treatment you wish to have should you become incapacitated and unable to communicate your preferences. You can also name a trusted family member or friend to make healthcare and financial decisions for you through a power of attorney document. I can draw up these papers so that they are clearly understood and enforceable should circumstances require their use.

Effective legal adviser represents clients in guardianships and conservatorship petitions and matters

In Indiana, guardianships and conservatorships are vehicles for ensuring that minor children are cared for in the event of parental death or incapacitation. You can also seek this type of legal authority to see that an elderly or disabled adult has someone to oversee their care and represent their rights and interests. I can assist you in petitioning to be appointed as a guardian or conservator. My firm also draws up documents that express your wishes as to who should be responsible for your son or daughter should they be orphaned.

Committed elder law attorney safeguards rights of senior citizens

Elder law encompasses many of the legal issues that face aging people. It includes health insurance planning, structuring funding for long-term nursing or assisted living care and other areas. As an attorney focused in helping protect the interests of seniors, I can advise you and your family about issues related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veteran’s benefits available to senior veterans. I am a Certified VA attorney.

Contact a trustworthy law firm for your estate planning and elder law needs

Crossin Law Offices, LLC in Indiana assists individuals and their families throughout the Valparaiso area with estate planning and other elder law issues. To schedule a consultation, call my firm at 219-714-3854 or contact me online.